Ailero Airfoil Prototype

More and more it seems like people are trying to get by with less. From the house burdened people selling off their possessions and living the “van life” to the 8000 Meter alpinists that are forgoing oxygen, established camps and support teams to now doing the same mountains with a single push and a single pack. It’s inside this mindset where the Airfoil from Ailero makes it’s mark and helps to make things more simple without sacrifice.

For anyone reading this it’s easy to take a mental inventory of all of your climbing packs, from haul bags to day cragging to multi pitch and alpine packs. In essence they all do the same thing, move your stuff from A to B, some in comfort and some in style and up until I have tried the Airfoil not much has changed for me.  

Ailero has developed a pack for climber without straps over the shoulders but around the waist, something that feels so simple and intuitive but seems to feel years ahead of anything else on the market for multi pitch climbing. How many times have you been at the bottom of a multi pitch climb and had to have a discussion with your climbing partner(s) about who is going to climb with a pack and what to put in it. On my last 5 pitch climb in the Adirondacks with a friend we debated the subject for longer than necessary until I reached into the bottom of my pack a pulled out the Airfoil. It was a no brainer of what to bring and how to pack it. In the side pouches went the print out topo of the route and the information for the descent along with my phone for photos. Then a pack of CLIF Shot Bloks, a sport gel and an energy bar. And while I like the idea of keeping a windbreaker under the chalk bag I decided to put my running water bottle and head lamp in there instead then clip my windbreaker to the side of the chalk bag. It was bliss!  A simple and easy to move around “pack belt” for climbing.

Ailero Airfoil

The build of the belt and bag are amazing and seam bomb proof after over 25 pitches in a 7 day span. Along with the soft and airy mesh padded waist belt the whistle is a great touch and proved to be very helpful with belay commands during 30 mph wind gust and 200ft rope stretching pitches on the rain soaked slabs of the Adirondacks.

So if you too find yourself looking at all of your gear you want to bring with you up the next multi pitch climb but don’t want to or forgot to bring that back pack consider the Airfoil by Ailero and found only at the Hidden Collective. 

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