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    Store No. 61

    Ethical, Bamboo Clothing

    Baki Clothing
    • Gives Back
    • Locally Sourced

    Baki Clothing

    Northern, California - Indonesia

    Pete Axelsen

    Baki Clothing Company works directly with a Local NGO and educational groups in Sumba, Indonesia to produce grassroots humanitarian projects to support education, sanitation, health care, english language, and business development skills. We are constantly working on projects together with many groups throughout the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumba to developed projects that will facilitate better learning for youth and adults. We have created the clothing brand to help generate revenue and awareness for our projects.

    Baki Clothing

    We are a Independent Brand that was pioneered in the Hills of Northern California. After years of working on clothing, design, and production we found our homebase in Indonesia.