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    Store No. 66

    Apparel for the everyday explorer

    Compas Life
    • USA Made
    • Locally Sourced

    Compas Life

    Albany, New York

    John & Tim


    In 2013, Compas started out as a thought and idea between two friends who wanted to build upon the foundation of inspiring people to go out and enjoy the perks of everyday life. They wanted the focus of their mission to guide everyday explorers with positive opportunities and experiences in a vast world of culture and adventure that for most is untapped. With both having a combined 15 years experience in the fashion world, they knew that creating high quality apparel and accessories was simply one of the best mediums for them to spread this message.

    So in the spirit of adventure, we ask you to join the movement. Encounter new experiences. See new things. We will be by your side to help you along the way. We will guide you on your journey to live the Compas Life.

    Compas Life

    The world around us is truly an amazing place. Countless natural wonders can be found in our surroundings every day. The Compas Life has a mission to discover these new and wonderful places with and through you.