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    Store No. 62

    100% Maine-made quality

    DTW Fishing Concepts
    • USA Made

    DTW Fishing Concepts

    Coastal Maine

    David Wilson

    Growing up in Maine, my passion for fish and fishing eventually turned into obsession. I’m always trying to focus on fishing smarter, more efficiently and safely. The Pocket Rod Rest came to me after getting sand in my reel and a hook in my hand. I knew I needed a convenient place to rest my rod so I could free up my hands for other things. I soon realized I had something that other fishing enthusiasts of every level could enjoy and utilize easily, for a safer and more enjoyable fishing outing.

    After years of research, my family and I have brought my fellow fishing enthusiasts a simple solution to an age-old fisherman’s problem. The Pocket Rod Rest holds your rod hands-free while you tie on lures, put on bait, or take out hooks.

    DTW Fishing Concepts

    Developed, engineered and manufactured by Maine people, the Pocket Rod Rest was born where my passion for fishing began. We are very proud to make this unique and one-of-a-kind product with world-class craftsmanship right here in New England. We partner with the highest-quality Maine craftspeople because we’re committed to making the best product right here in the USA.