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    Store No. 43

    Simple, inspiring, & affordable; without sacrificing quality

    Elevate Hammock Company
    • USA Made
    • Gives Back
    • Vegan Friendly

    Elevate Hammock Company

    Durango, Colorado

    Greyson Junggren


    When Greyson Junggren set out to found Elevate Hammock Company, he did so with a passion for making a difference not only for adventurous customers, but also for the environment.

    Being a resident of Durango, Colorado, Junggren knows firsthand that being an outdoor enthusiast is about embracing nature and creating fun, inspiring experiences that bring friends and family together. Be it a hike up a mountain or trout fishing in your favorite stream, there’s a silent thank you that can be said for each of Earth’s beautiful opportunities.

    Elevate Hammock Company

    Since November 2014, we have led the effort to plant nearly 8,000 trees in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda.

    Elevate Hammock

    el·e·vate (verb)- to raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.

    That’s why Elevate Hammock Company is supremely dedicated to creating high-quality, durable products that were made for the outdoors, and to saying thank you to nature for giving us all places to hang our worries and enjoy true relaxation.

    In an effort to increase our planet’s sustainability, stimulate the economy of countless developing villages, and protect the future of those that come long after our generation, we have partnered with Trees for the Future and will plant two trees for each hammock that we create.

    With every item sold, we will plant two trees in developing villages all over the world via our partnership with Trees for the Future. We have planted just under 8,000 trees- join us to make a change!

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