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    Store No. 5

    Scraps of Sailcloth

    • USA Made
    • Locally Sourced
    • Upcycled
    • Vegan Friendly


    Peaks Island, Maine

    Charles Friedman


    Our passion for venturing throughout Maine’s seasons has rewarded us with unbelievable experiences. While the elements are challenging, our home state offers world-class outdoors around every corner.

    We live our greatest moments during these everyday adventures. The foundation for Flowfold developed from that simple discovery: The frontier is in our backyard.

    With the heritage of our resourceful community, we established to build simple gear tailored to the pursuit of peak experiences.


    Flowfold is at the forefront of American Made craftsmanship and innovation. Our strategy unites the reliability of classic techniques with the precision of cutting edge technology. Every stage of our creative process revolves around maximizing the performance, quality, and durability of our products.

    The entire process of approaching a new product, how it will be used, and what makes it significantly better. We treat our customers like family and love hearing their feedback.

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