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    Store No. 32

    Adventure Travel

    Grand Trunk
    • USA Made
    • Upcycled
    • Vegan Friendly

    Grand Trunk


    Jon & Kevin


    Grand Trunk was founded by Jon Neff & Kevin Kaiser when their individual routes crossed paths in a small surf town in Thailand. They came from two different backgrounds but shared the common love for adventure and travel, and together began spreading that excitement through a line of Goods for the Road called Grand Trunk.

    The Grand Trunk adventure began in 2001 during a backpacking trip through Thailand. A shared passion for travel and the simple idea to keep people off the ground has since evolved into a renowned product line of adventure travel, camping, beach and travel accessories.

    Grand Trunk

    Our mission is to elevate your experience wherever you go. Whether it's the distant lure of the unknown or the charm of a local getaway, Grand Trunk strives to make all your travel and outdoor experiences more convenient and enjoyable.