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    Store No. 33

    Adventure-ready wearables

    Kind Apparel
    • USA Made

      USA Made

    • Recycled Materials

      Recycled Material

    • Vegan Friendly

      Vegan Friendly

    Kind Apparel

    Missoula, Montana

    Mallory Ottariano


    We're a small, female-run company founded on the principles of uniqueness and adventure and we keep these present through all facets of our business. As humans, each one of us is entirely unique and different from those around us and our goal is to design and create clothing that celebrates this uniqueness! At Kind Apparel, we're all about being bold and standing out from the crowd.

    Our designs are also environmentally responsible - each item is manufactured locally by our hands from upcycled fabrics. Our fabrics come in the form of thrift store clothing, mill ends, and factory seconds, and we hand select each fabric for its quality and color.

    We hope our colorful clothing brings you joy and inspires your adventures!

    Kind Apparel

    Based in the mountains of Missoula, Montana, Kind Apparel creates functional, movement-inspired wearables from upcycled fabrics. Each item is handmade with love and is one-of-a-kind, designed to inspire your adventures.

    Kind Apparel


    Fabrics are collected from thrift stores, garage sales, clothing swaps, and mills then cut and pieced together to create vibrant and unique pieces that are fun and comfortable to wear. Because of this process, everything is of-a-kind, made in small batches, and not able to be replicated, making each piece special.

    Many fine art elements are incorporated into the pieces including block printing and silkscreening. All screens and prints are handmade from original Kind Apparel designs.

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