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    Store No. 54

    Organic, Soft, & Incredibly Comfortable

    • USA Made
    • Gives Back


    Los Angeles, California

    Eric & Anastasia Clarke


    Eric and Anastasia run this family-owned business out of Los Angeles, CA. They each bring unique skills to the table, and use their natural chemistry and effortless teamwork to create something beautiful. They embody the caring spirit of LVR everyday by treating their employees and associates with kindness and compassion. They choose to work with factories and dye houses with high standards of ethics who only produce the highest quality of goods.

    Together they create lifestyle apparel that people truly love because it offers more than just style and function - it also reflects their values. LVR’s collections represent their supporters, who not only appreciate each item’s functionality, beauty and comfort, but also the earth-friendly way each piece is made and dedicated to give-back to the world.


    LVR gives back by partnering with a wildlife rescue center in Guatemala called ARCAS , by donating a portion of revenues quarterly to help aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals. In addition, LVR makes monthly donations of clothing to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, whose mission is to create a safe space for women in need.


    LVR supports organic agricultural methods that treat the fibers of our garments with care, rather than pesticides, and have a minimal effect on our environment.

    Cotton farming is not what it used to be. What once utilized mostly sustainable farming techniques now uses 25% of the world’s chemical pesticides that are detrimental to people, wildlife, and the environment.

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