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    Protein Power Punch

    Meat N Nuts

    Meat N Nuts

    Michael Atkins, John Brancy, & Tyler Clark


    Meat N Nuts represents the effort of three friends to bring their innovative snack food to jerky and trail mix lovers nationwide. Our mission is to make snack time healthier and tastier, helping everyone from campers to body builders to desk jockeys avoid the pitfalls of processed junk food. Michael Atkins, John Brancy and Tyler Clark are childhood friends from South Jersey who share a lifelong passion for fitness, healthy pasture raised meats, and a desire to positively impact the planet in our century.

    Meat N Nuts

    As a snack food company we pledge to always promote awareness for these pressing issues and participate in local revitalization and preservation movements -- and we encourage you to do the same!

    Meat N Nuts

    We searched the market for choice meats and exciting flavors to create the tastiest jerky out there, and combined it with nuts and dried fruits until we found our favorite pairings. There were a fair share of obstacles along the way, but today we have partnered with leaders in quality assurance and ethical manufacturing to produce a deceptively simple product for anyone looking to go against the grain!

    We have fun with our brand, but we are very serious about Meat N Nuts. This company has been our focus for over three years, but would not be possible without the support of our Kickstarter backers who helped us reach our fundraising goal in June 2014. Shortly following our Kickstarter we found a perfect co-packaging partner in Work Activities Center in Utah to provide a solution to our needs while also employing persons with disabilities in order to promote their well-being. We are so grateful for your vote of confidence and are eager to prove to America a better snacktime is here!

    At the end of the day, we know that there are many more people out there seeking high-quality tasty jerky as a superior complement to their boring old trail mix and we are more than happy to provide!

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