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    Outdoor Lifestyle Goods

    Newland Supply Co.
    • Locally Sourced
    • Owner Operated

    Newland Supply Co.

    Oxfordshire, England

    Joe D'Arcy & Will Parsons


    Newland Supply Co. was founded by good friends Joe D'Arcy and Will Parsons in 2015 on a camping trip in Cornwall. We share a passion for the outdoors as well as a desire to make high quality and purposeful goods that fit in whether enjoyed at home or in the great outdoors.

    The best materials and quality British manufacturing is at the heart of our ethos. Designing products that last and simply put, work. A huge part of our inspiration comes from nature and our childhood growing up on our namesake Newlands Lane in rural Oxfordshire.

    Our aim is to bring the outdoors in and your home outside, because home really is where you make it. Whether you are curled up on a sofa planning your next adventure or setting up a lakeside camp, our goods are designed to sit perfectly in any setting.

    Newland Supply Co.

    We're an adventure inspired apparel and accessories brand from the UK offering high calibre goods which are just as at home around a warm campfire as around the comfort of your own fireplace.