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    Store No. 13

    Magic Ski wands & Mountain Mystics

    Panda Poles
    • USA Made
    • Upcycled
    • Vegan Friendly

    Panda Poles

    Pocatello, Idaho


    Panda Poles is a call out. It’s a call out on the conventional mindset that man made synthetics are always better. It’s a call out on the producers of not only ski goods, but all ‘goods’, to reconsider business as usual. It is a call out on the consumer to make better, more conscious decisions about what they consume, and why they ‘consume’ it. And Panda Poles is a Shout out to all the people who want to create the more enriching world they dream.

    Panda Poles

    One need not think outside the box when one can think of the box as a sphere...or a Zero Drag Bamboo Ski Pole!

    Panda Poles

    The winding path we humans have taken as a species is incredible, and awe inspiring. Our creativity and resourcefulness has been an incredible force for change. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt, to the Sears Towers of Chicago, the Space Shuttle, the internet, and beyond, we humans have achieved a lot. However, with our great technological achievements have also come great ecological disasters. We now reach a point in time when we have the opportunity as a species to evolve beyond our destructive behaviors and move into a pattern where we synthesize our technological zeal with that of our natural connection to the Earth.

    We at Panda Poles understand that our product is not the end-all of sustainable products. We are still using petroleum in the production of some parts of our design and the transportation of our product. Our poles may not be 100% sustainable yet, but we like to think of the poles as a hybrid--a transitionary tool, intended to help make passage from one paradigm to the next (from a deteriorating, war-based petrol-culture, to that of a blossoming solar culture based around cooperation and trust). We are continually striving to be better than 100% sustainable and are hoping to cultivate awareness--not only for the public, but for ourselves--of our role as stewards of this Earth. We want to leave what’s been given to us better than how we found it.

    Panda Poles
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