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    Store No. 45

    A Grassroots Hats Company

    • Locally Sourced
    • Upcycled
    • Vegan Friendly


    Issaquah, Washington

    Anneka Herndon

    Recaps is certainly grass roots. Its is all about the joy we find in our daily pursuits. Recaps is small. It is all about creativity and art. Each style of our one of a kind hats, are crafted from old clothes, hand craved block prints or reclaimed yarn. Recaps was born from the desire to create a totally unique product that took something worthless, and gave it a new unique value. After four years of operation, we currently operate out of Issaquah, WA.


    Anneka Herndon is the owner, operator and designer. She runs a more or less one woman show. She has some local production help, however she can be found behind the sewing machine whenever she's not playing in the mountains, or scavenging for cool new hat material.

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