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    Store No. 65


    • USA Made
    • Vegan Friendly


    Bend, Oregon

    Zach & Ryan

    Well, we’re ski/snowboard enthusiasts just like you! Ripclear started when two friends (Zach and Ryan) were faced with a constant problem: lens rash. Through days of hard riding on the mountain our goggle lens’ were accumulating vision impairing scratches, these came from normal wear and tear, ice/snow, tree sap, and an accidental wipe out here and there. After going through an unacceptable amount of new lenses and sick of spending money, we decided to find an answer: Ripclear. We thought, what if we could put a protective layer over our lens, thin enough that you could barely notice it’s there, but strong enough to shield our precious lenses from the onslaught of scratches that continuously occur.


    After performing vigorous testing on shape, durability, and functionality, we finally created a product we were satisfied with. Ripclear comes in a universal shape for both flat and spherical lenses. We looked at the shapes of goggles from numerous manufacturers and formulated a design that covers an optimal visual spectrum with little to no alterations needed for a perfect fit.