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    Hidden Collective Mission

    Our mission is to change the way outdoor goods are discovered and sold by directly connecting consumers to small brands and makers.

    We want empower you to build a connection with the products that you buy and allow you to support those makers that share your values. We do this by telling the unique story behind each maker, allowing you to learn more about how their items are made and sourced.

    We support local makers.

    Hidden Collective looks for makers that produce in small batches, are committed to sustainable practices and local sourcing. Their products are better than what you’ll find in a traditional retail store, and supporting them cultivates entrepreneurship, benefits our environment, and inspires them to think bigger.

    Hidden Collective Mission and Values

    Hidden Collective Mission and Values

    We believe you deserve more choice.

    Telling the story behind each maker allows you to make an informed decision on how you spend your hard-earned money and doesn’t force you to choose from what’s on a retail store shelf.

    The outdoors is core to everything we do.

    It inspires us, keeps us grounded, and reminds us that positive change is possible.

    Hidden Collective Mission and Values

    In addition to connecting you with undiscovered makers of outdoor gear and apparel, we want you to support them directly. Purchases made on Hidden Collective’s website go directly to the maker and items are dropped shipped from their facility to you. We believe that the world needs more craftsmanship and see it as our role to create a single marketplace where smaller makers are given a voice.

    Hidden Collective Mission

    Thank you for supporting our community, our mission, & our commitment to bringing more transparency to the way outdoor goods are created, discovered, & sold. With your support we can be the change we want to see in the world.