159cm Whale Swallow Tail


This 159cm is a variation of our popular Whale series boards. On this board we've added a swallow tail. For looseness off the tail and to help keep the nose up in deep powder. This board has a fun and forgiving flex pattern.

We have out 3K Carbon Fiber Net material on this one. This adds torsional snap and rigidity to the board.

The graphic work on this is all done by hand as we layup the fiberglass during the construction process. The colors are all created using tint pigments in the epoxy resin. This makes the graphic color style impossible to recreate exactly. Making this board even more unique.

Board Length: 159 cm

Running Length: 113 cm

Tip Width: 30.3 cm

Waist width: 25.2 cm

Tail Width: 28.2 cm

Sidecut Radius: 8.0 meter

Stance Options: 18" to 24" inches

Board Weight: 6lbs 9oz