Canopy 2 Tent Fly


The Canopy 2 Tent fly is a single-wall floating canopy design that allows adjustment for ventilation around the canopy perimeter.  The Canopy 2 can be lowered or raised depending on the weather conditions and ventilation needs.  The canopy features a small beak in the front and a larger beak in the rear for weather protection.

The Canopy 2 Tent fly can set up with trekking poles (not included), can be hung from trees with outside loops, or setup using tent poles.  It has exterior pull out loops on each side panel (2 per side panel) and inside loops for hanging net tents.  The perimeter tie outs use Line-loc 3 for easy adjustments.  

This Canopy 2 Tent is constructed of lightweight 1.35 silnylon in a light coyote brown.  It includes guylines and a small stuff sack.  It weighs about 22 oz with guylines and stuff sack.