Cheetah Board


This board was built to be a perfect cruising board but because we use the best gear you could easily take this down your biggest mountain pass. 


  • Deck: Hand built from Baltic Birch wood. This board is .5" thick with a race concave that measures .5" from the base to peak. It is also topped with our crushed glass mix for an aggressive and clear grip. 

  • Trucks: We use Randal Trucks on all of our boards. They have been Built in the States since the 70's and outperform any truck in its class. We use their 180mm 50º Rll Trucks and couldn't be happier with their looks or performance. For any questions visit 

    Wheels: This board comes with some Massive 76mm Zaza wheels with a 78a duro for the best possible ride.

    Bearings: We've decided on using Qube 8-Ball Bearings for a number of reasons: These have a speed rating above the abec scale,  Having 8 balls vs. the standard 7 provides greater load spread and faster cornering,  And these bearings come with a thicker grease so at first they won't feel special, but warm them up and they MOVE!   These paired with our race bearing spacers are ideal for any ride.