Artist Tool Roll


Waxed Canvas Artist Tool Roll

Designed with a compact construction to be able to fit a variety of art supplies and tools without all the bulk of large rolls.  Utilizing waxed canvas for its unique character and its ability to wears in, rather than out, and creating a beautiful and unique patina over time.  We paired a natural cotton liner to compliment the waxed canvas character and to document each and every project you work on to show the scuffs and markings of your tools.  The roll is secured with a black paracord that is wrapped tightly around the roll.


Waxed Canvas Exterior

Natural Cotton Liner

550 Paracord

Brass D-Ring

Waxed Canvas should never be washed in a machine. If dirty, use a rag and a light amount of soap to spot clean. Once finished, allow the bag to air dry.


Roll itself measures: 14"x10.5"
Three pockets that measure: 2.5"x5.5"
Three pockets that measure: 1.5"x5.5"