Panda Sport Lurk


Skiing's roots trace as far back as 8,000 years ago, and originally served as a means to hunt for food in places where snow created impassable travel by foot. Most people commonly used a single pole (traditionally called a Lurk in parts of Europe) up until the early 20th century, when 2 poles became the norm. The Panda Lurk comes with 2 super sticky grips and our Zero Drag Powder Basket, on Toasted bamboo. Pay homage to skiing's roots with one of these hand crafted beauties!

Sizing: With traditional lurks, the pole could be anywhere from just below head height to over 10' long. We prefer a more "sporty" sizing, and find that the ideal length is just below head height. 

  • S - 5' - 5'4"
  • M - 5'5" - 5'8"
  • L - 5'9" - 6'
  • XL - 6'1" - 6' 4"
  • XXL - 6'5"+