The Dash


This messenger bag is engineered for comfort and stability. Our ergo-fit design will keep you energized. Our system of pockets will keep you organized. Our minimalist design will keep you looking cool.


The Anchorpak solves the carrying problems inherent in the backpack, the messenger bag and the tote: your gear will be easily accessible, the pak will stay secure on your body and distribute weight efficiently and your posture will be supported.  The Dash series is made of rugged Cordura nylon which is stain and water resisitant and ready for any rough and tumble adventure in the city or out on the trails.  A zippered top closure keeps everything secure and a cell phone pocket on the stap is great for on the go use.  A thought-out system of pockets keeps even the disorganized among us organized!  And there's plenty of room inside for a tablet or lap top.  No more bag slip around!  As one happy customer said, "the Anchorpak transforms lugging into cheerful carrying".